Mildlife – The Magnificent Moon

Mildlife – The Magnificent Moon

Sonzeira!!! Mistura frenética de jazz, kraut, discow e eletrônica “in your face”. Ouça também o mini-LP Phase… Realmente, Melbourne é o local!


PS Descolei a letra da Magnificent Moon que, embora nada de especial, é divertida de cantar:

You’re born, then you die
There might be reasons why
Then again, who cares?
Could all be in my head?

You may be mine
Up and in your child
Who lives beyond
All that we could know?

In time, out of phase
In half of a moon’s phase
As I stare below
Reflecting onto you

It serves to remind
It could take you a while
These days move forth
It won’t be too long

Eyes open, lights on
Time to make your mind up
Is it yes or no?
It all comes down to you

With all that, mine now
Hold on to your lifetime
As it spins away
Through all time and space

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